Elizabeth's mom

"She has gone through more than most adults... and is a warrior!"

When Elizabeth started CrossFit in 2016, she was very shy and not very confident in herself. She had been playing soccer for a few years and she was good but she was intimated very easily and gave up the
ball anytime someone came near her. She chose not to do soccer anymore and I told her she was going to do something.I saw a post on Facebook about a new session of Little Ninjas starting at a local CrossFit… We
went that night to see what it was and you could tell that Elizabeth was interested, everyone was so welcoming and made all of us so comfortable.

Elizabeth had previously been diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis and at this point it was being maintained on close watch. I asked her doctor his thoughts on CrossFit and if it was a good or bad idea for Elizabeth to try it out. He was all for it and said it may even help her. The more Elizabeth went to the classes the more I could see her coming out of her shell. The school even noticed it, she had more self confidence which was huge.

In August of 2018 we found out that Elizabeth’s Scoliosis had become worse and we were told she needed to have spinal fusion surgery ASAP. At this
point her curve had went from 30° to 55°. Again, I asked about the CrossFit had anything to do with it
taking a turn for the worse and they assured me that it didn’t that is was just the growth spurt she had
and that the same thing would have happened if she weren’t doing CrossFit.  Elizabeth did CrossFit up until 4 days before her surgery and when we checked in her curve had progressed to 85°. Her surgery ended up taking 8 hours, it was a very long stressful day.
When we saw her, she gave us the thumbs up and I knew she was going to be just fine.

We are 3 months post op and she is already getting back into CrossFit with the doctor’s approval. If it weren’t for CrossFit, I don’t think Elizabeth would have been so strong through all of this. She has gone through more than most adults have and her head is still held high and she is a Warrior in my opinion. I am excited to see where she goes with her love of CrossFit.

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