Sarah Cho

Sarah Cho



Hi! My name is Sarah. I was born in South Korea and raised in Beavercreek. I have been in the Air National Guard since 2008 with my job being in Infrastructure and Systems Administration (I fix computers for a living). I work full time on base, am working on my  Information Technology degree, and coach at AKP.

I love to eat food and I love to lift weights.  For me CrossFit is something fulfilling both mentally and physically.  It is such a great environment because of the community…it is my second family. My goal as an instructor is to teach and motivate others to love this as much as I do…because not to be biased, this is the most physically demanding sport ever and I love it! :)


  • CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • BrandX Method Basic Kids Trainer
  • CrossFit Jump Rope Instructor
  • CPR/AED Certified

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