Athlete of the MonthJune

Kimberley Cookson

Career: Nurse

Years at AKP CrossFit: 4

Strong inside and out!

How did you get started in Crossfit?
I got started in CrossFit through a personal trainer at another gym. Amanda thought I would enjoy CrossFit. I started coming to AKP with her and fell in love with my fitness family.

What motivates you to keep doing Crossfit?
I keep doing CrossFit so I don’t end up in jail! Lol. It really helps with stress reduction and my overall mental health.

What is your favorite Crossfit movement?
Right now my favorite move is OHS or snatch. I have seen progress in both of those moves which motivates me to work on them even more.

What is your least favorite Crossfit movement?
My least favorite move would have to be heavy deadlifts. They are just getting really hard.

What would you say is your biggest Crossfit accomplishment?
My biggest CrossFit accomplishment is just showing up. There are many days I have pain in various parts of my body due to some medical issues I have, so just showing up and doing the work is a big win for me.

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