Athlete of the MonthMarch


Career: USAF

Years at AKP CrossFit: 5

She always has a smile!

How did you get started in CF?
I got started doing CrossFit when I was a combatives instructor about 4.5 years ago and both of our instructors were crossfit coaches so crossfit workouts became our afternoon training.
What motivates you to keep doing CrossFit?

I grew up doing competitive sports (swimming and gymnastics) and realized I wasn’t done competing, so doing CrossFit brings joy for the competitive edge as well as seeing myself overcome boundaries that did not seem possible before.

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?

Least favorite movement is probably the snatch because having a bad shoulder from the past I am always more apprehensive with overhead movements. I don’t dislike it quite as much as I used to though.

Biggest Crossfit accomplishment probably is even on my bad days proving to myself I can do more than I thought. And now having both front and back squat at or above 200 lbs!

AKP truly is a family, so welcoming and cares for everyone. It has been wonderful being able to get extra coaching and workouts to work more towards competing, but no matter what class I come into everyone comes through with adding to the awesome community.

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself :)

Funny or interesting…I speak 3 languages fluently (for the most part), and my elbows both hyperextend probably more than they should.

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