Athlete of the MonthJanuary

James Fletcher

Career: Dayton Service Manager

Years at AKP CrossFit: 1

Always a smile and a fistbump!

What motivates you to keep doing Crossfit?
Results…. meaning I am getting stronger and can tell a difference in the way my body looks.

What is your favorite Crossfit movement?
Power Snatch

What is your least favorite Crossfit movement?
Burpees….. they hurt me

What would you say is your biggest Crossfit accomplishment?
3 rep max of 415 Deadlifts

What is your favorite aspect/memory of AKP? My favorite memory is jogging 800m in a down poor of rain.

What is something funny or interesting about yourself?
I am a big walking dead fan…love to travel…drink lots of beer…and eats lots of sour patch kids.

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